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Keep it Straight®


Inspire children to be more confident in the classroom or at home while using our

colorful, kid-friendly grid paper. 

At Keep it Straight®, our goal is to help students get organized and stay organized. We believe that with the right tools, we can help students stay focused and motivated. Our unique colored grid and graph paper is designed to help students stay organized while completing their seatwork.

We understand the importance of having the right materials for success in an educational setting. Our products are designed to help increase student engagement and productivity in the classroom. With Keep it Straight®, students can easily stay on track and organized while completing their seatwork.

When students are struggling with math, writing, or general idea organization while learning, it often comes from the fact they’re using wide-rule paper that doesn’t help guide them along to “see” how things should line up; especially when it comes to letters and numbers. That’s why we developed this premium Keep it Straight® Grid Paper that features gridded and lined options for writing, doing math, learning cursive, and so much more. All to help them better stay on task and feel more confident as they continue to learn and grow throughout new lessons. 


Students who feel challenged in class find that our colorful gridded paper helps tremendously with being able to stay on task, stay “in the lines”, or simply find proper spacing when trying to learn math, writing, or new subjects.

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The different colored columns really helped my daughter keep everything in the correct line. Worked really great for my daughter learning long division.

Crystal Joy

I wish I would've ordered this sooner! I bought this for my 13 year old to use for his 7th grade math/pre-algebra curriculum this year. He was growing discouraged with himself. This grid paper keeps everything in line & the bright neon colors keep his attention. No more chaotic calculations. No more tears from either of us. Thank you

Shalene Smith

I used this product to write out the medicinal qualities of herbs so I can read it easily when cooking
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